How It Works

Staying organized isn’t always easy. Working with us is.

Step 1
Call me at 401-430-9364 or 315-591-1274 so we can discuss your needs. After this free 10 minute phone call, I will offer to schedule a consultation.
Step 2
We will meet at your home or office to view the space to be reclaimed. The consultation will last approximately one hour. The consultation is when I will assess your needs and we will create a plan of action. I will tour your space and ask many questions about your organizing needs and expectations. This will help me determine how I can help. I will give you an estimate of how long the project should take. If you decide it fits with your budget and you would like to begin the project, you will be expected to sign a contract in which you commit to the terms of the services you are purchasing. Then we will schedule our first working session and get the project started together.
Step 3
Work Sessions
Your participation in the work sessions is encouraged, but not required. Working with me will help you better understand both the art and science of organization. In addition to organizing your space, we will take small item donations to Savers at no additional cost and will help bring garbage curbside for trash pickup. Note that depending on the scope of the project, a dumpster may be required and/or large items may need to be hauled away to recycling or donation locations. I will recommend vendors for contracted services and any storage supplies you may need to acquire. Hiring these other vendors is additional to our agreement and will be at your own expense. You might have some “homework” in between work sessions to make our time together more productive
Step 4
Project Review and Conclusion
Upon completion of the work sessions, we will review the status of your project. We want to make sure your project goals have been met and that organization has been established or restored. Projects have some elasticity and we will assess together whether or not the project is really “done” or if some additional organizing time might be useful.
Step 5
Touch-up or Additional Help
Affordable Organization LLC offers a “touch-up” service to previous clients, providing maintenance to a previously organized space. The touch-up service can be provided as a regularly scheduled service or as a one-time follow-up. Call us to discuss your specific needs!